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WhoisJson API usually pulls records from origin Whois servers in real time, so you get up-to-the minute results. We cache some records for performance, but you can bypass the cache as needed.


Cleans up the records and pulls them apart into well-defined fields. Our system normalizes character sets and line endings, pulls the various fields from the raw text, and puts the fields in a consistent, automation-friendly format (XML or JSON).


Avoids query rate limits that you would encounter when doing Whois queries from your own IP address. Our system uses caching and a large pool of diverse IP addresses to minimize blockages and ensure that you get the records you need.

Whois Lookup - Search Whois for Domain Availability & Info

WHOIS API offers unified & consistent data

Our hosted WHOIS API service provides the registration details, also known as the WHOIS record, of a domain name or an IP address.

All of the WHOIS information we offer comes both well-parsed and normalized to a consistent format so it can easily fit in with your business operations.

The following data is included:

  • Important Dates (i.e. Expiration, Creation)
  • Owner and contact information if available
  • Nameservers
  • Registrar information

This unified interface enables a wide variety of advanced applications :

  • Investigating spam, fraud, intrusions, and other online misbehavior
  • Tracking domain registrations
  • Checking domain name availability
  • Advanced Whois web pages
  • Detecting fraud
  • Researching Internet infrastructure and usage
  • Locating users geographically

500 free requests monthly. No credit card required.


Domain Information

Use WHOIS lookup to check domain name availability and to discover the contact information of a domain owner.

Reverse Whois

This API displays as much information as possible for a given IP address, sourced from our private database.


NsLookup queries the specified DNS server and retrieves the requested records that are associated with the domain name you provided.

250 random whois

This special endpoint give your 250 random whois from registered domain.


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Quickly and easily get up to date whois data for all domains. Data is updated every week to make sure you get the most relevant information.

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Get public information for the domain you are looking for in JSON or XML format

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A comprehensive pricing system and dedicated support network makes sure you get the most out of our services.

Pricing for Whois Database Download

Download our Database : 1,717,979 records

We are now recording our results. Our data are dated less than 20 days. As soon as a whois is older than 20 days, it is automatically queued in order to be updated.

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What is a Whois Database Download?

A WHOIS database is a comprehensive or exhaustive set of data that any person can find on a domain. It has millions of WHOIS records that contain information related to a specific domain registered in any part of the world at any given point in time. Note that no website can exist without registering the domain it’s hosted on—it’s part of the law.

Why Would I Use Whois Database Download?

If you're a website creator and/or business owner, a Whois database download service or search may come in handy for you or your clients. As listed above, it may be an easy way to resolve issues related to intellectual or trademark issues you may come across with other sites or companies. This is especially important because if you are a victim of impersonation, the image of your brand is on the line and may suffer if left unattended. You will be surprised by the likelihood of such an event happening in the digital world, especially when threat actors can profit from it.

Furthermore, you may want to expand your web presence, so Whois could assist you in researching future domains. One way of doing this is by performing Whois lookups on the domain names you are interested in to check if they are available for purchase. If not, you can instead get information about the current owner, get in touch with them and see if they are willing to part with their domain.

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