DNS Lookup & Domain Info

NSLookup API - Retrieve DNS Records in JSON

Our NSLookup API delivers comprehensive DNS record details for any domain name, supporting record types like A, MX, TXT, CNAME, NS, and PTR.

This API provides data in both JSON, making it easy to integrate with your systems and streamline your domain management tasks.

Key Features:

  • A Records: Map domain names to IP addresses.
  • MX Records: Identify mail servers for efficient email routing.
  • TXT Records: Configure SPF, DKIM, and other text-based settings.
  • CNAME Records: Create domain aliases for better flexibility.
  • NS Records: Specify authoritative DNS servers.
  • PTR Records: Perform reverse DNS lookups.

Our versatile NSLookup API enhances various applications:

  • Resolving DNS Issues: Quickly diagnose and fix DNS problems.
  • Verifying Domain Settings: Ensure correct DNS configurations.
  • Boosting Email Deliverability: Validate MX and TXT records for improved email performance.
  • Monitoring DNS Updates: Track changes to DNS settings for security and accuracy.
  • Developing DNS Tools: Build advanced tools for DNS management and analysis.
  • Strengthening Network Security: Identify and mitigate DNS-related vulnerabilities.

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