FAQs - WhoisJson API

What is the WhoIs Database?

A WHOIS database is a comprehensive or exhaustive set of data that any person can find on a domain. It has millions of WHOIS records that contain information related to a specific domain registered in any part of the world at any given point in time. Note that no website can exist without registering the domain it’s hosted on—it’s part of the law.

What Does WhoIs Contain?

A Whois record contains all of the contact information associated with the person, group, or company that registers a particular domain name. Typically, each Whois record will contain information such as the name and contact information of the Registrant (who owns the domain), the name and contact information of the registrar Registrar (the organization or commercial entity that registered the domain name), the registration dates, the name servers, the most recent update, and the expiration date. Whois records may also provide the administrative and technical contact information (which is often, but not always, the registrant).

How old is your data?

We cache the WHOIS data for 7 days.
When you send us a request, we start looking to see if we have a result in our cache that is less than 7 days old. If this is not the case we make a request in real time.
If you only want real time data you can add this parameter in your request: _forceRefresh=1to force a real time fetch but this would cost 2 times the credit.
Our goal is to provide you with relevant and up-to-date information.

Why are your rates the cheapest on the market?

We believe that access to information should be simple and inexpensive. We do our best to keep costs low without compromising the quality of our service.

I want a TLD which is not supported

You just have to contact us here. We are listening to you. Your tld will be add quickly.