Whois Lookup - Search Whois for Domain Availability & Info

WHOIS API offers unified & consistent data

Our hosted WHOIS API service provides the registration details, also known as the WHOIS record, of a domain name or an IP address.

All of the WHOIS information we offer comes both well-parsed and normalized to a consistent format so it can easily fit in with your business operations.

The following data is included:

  • Important Dates (i.e. Expiration, Creation)
  • Owner and contact information if available
  • Nameservers
  • Registrar information

This unified interface enables a wide variety of advanced applications :

  • Investigating spam, fraud, intrusions, and other online misbehavior
  • Tracking domain registrations
  • Checking domain name availability
  • Advanced Whois web pages
  • Detecting fraud
  • Researching Internet infrastructure and usage
  • Locating users geographically

500 free requests monthly. No credit card required.


Domain Information

Use WHOIS lookup to check domain name availability and to discover the contact information of a domain owner.

Reverse Whois

This API displays as much information as possible for a given IP address, sourced from our private database.


NsLookup queries the specified DNS server and retrieves the requested records that are associated with the domain name you provided.

250 random whois

This special endpoint give your 250 random whois from registered domain.


Requests & Billing plan

For individuals who just want the essentials to get started quickly
$6.00 / mo
For professionals who require more volume for their application
$20.00 / mo
For professionals who work on larger scale applications
$60.00 - $100.00 / mo
For businesses who need high volume, production-level use
500 / month quota
25 000 / month quota
100 000 / month quota
This offer doesn't have Random Whois
30 / month quota
150 / month quota
500 / month quota
Rate limit
5 requests per minute
25 requests per minute
40 requests per minute
60-150 requests per minute
Fast Support
This offer doesn't have fast support
Fast Support enabled
Fast Support enabled
Fast Support enabled
XML Format
XML Format disabled
XML Format enabled
XML Format enabled
XML Format enabled

Get 500 free API credits.

No credit card required.

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